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Eclipse Implementation Methodology

Eclipse utilizes a proven project methodology for the implementation of all Microsoft Dynamics AX software solutions into CLIENT. This methodology can be tailored to suite the exact requirements of CLIENT , and is documented and agreed to at the project outset.  This approach ensures all areas of the implementation process are discussed and addressed and realistic expectations are set.  An implementation framework reflecting respective Eclipse and CLIENT roles and responsibilities can then be agreed in an informed manner through a thorough understanding of the project scope, objectives, activities and resource requirements.  This structured and proven approach will allow CLIENT to control the process and understand the direction of the project and requirements of all the parties at the earliest opportunity.

Eclipse’s approach to software implementation will enable CLIENT to achieve the most efficient, effective and economic utilization of their resources.  This will be achieved in the minimum time possible and at least cost to CLIENT.

The approach Eclipse will be utilizing for implementation into CLIENT is based upon the following ten (10) phases approach, which is outlined in detail in this section:

Phase 1 Project Initiation
Phase 2 Installation & Configuration
Phase 3 Project Team Conceptual Training
Phase 4 Business Analysis
Phase 5 Application Configuration
Phase 6 End User Training
Phase 7 Acceptance Testing
Phase 8 Data Take-on/ Migration
Phase 9 Live Operation
Phase 10 Post Implementation