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Eclipse Computing (Thailand) Ltd.
88 PASO Tower, 12A floor,
Silom Road, Suriyawongse,
Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 634 1718
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Our Services

The Eclipse Team

Eclipse Computing has made significant investments in our people who are talented and highly experienced, and who are focused on delivering refined, customized integrated business applications to drive your business forward successfully:

Business Analysts work in concert with you to understand your critical business initiatives and success factors. The Business Analyst will then produce a Business Needs Assessment and use these findings to formulate and guide a solution strategy.

Project Managers spearhead the task and manage all resources according to the critical factors identified in the Business Needs Assessment. They ensure that the project is always on course, on time and within budget.

Technical Consultants are employed based on customer needs and skill sets required for the project at hand. Their collective expertise ranges from application specific knowledge, to DBA, to infrastructure and integration specializations.

Application Consultants process in-depth knowledge and experience in the products and business process. Our consultants are able to provide and transfer the knowledge to our clients to ensure that they are capable of handling the system after the successful implementation. Project are ensured to be delivered to the highest standards.

Development Consultants customized the ERP system, process and interface, according to the specification written by either Business Analysts and Application Consultants of which solution strategy are given to client.

Help Desk Consultant provides an efficient, timely and professional problem resolution service to our clients.  This includes support queries, escalating to the application consultant, development consultants, and technical consultants only when necessary.